Vel’s log: While I’m in Stormwind…

Okay so I didn’t feel like wandering through a forest risking my life to kill something that’s already dead.. Maybe tomorrow.

I was going to fish near all the fire festival nonsense until some lovely young moron almost blasted me into the canal trying to juggle a few fire sticks.

I was going to fish off of one of the the bridges until a very nice Draenei and his fat Elekk rushed by, again nearly knocking me into the canal.

I was going to fish off of a dock near Old Town until two kids ran over, nearly knocking me into the canal (I sense a theme here…hmm) and chattering endlessly until I couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to jump into the canal myself and swim over to the fort in the middle of the city.

The guards ignored me completely, which was somewhat rude but they are constantly looking ahead and I am somewhat short so who knows, maybe they didn’t even see me. Looks pretty similar to the stockades in there, except for the fact that it’s completely sealed up and you can only get in and out by boat (if you intend to stay dry that is) I wonder what they’re keeping in there? None of my business I’m sure, but then again, I’m a Mage, I’m supposed to know things.

Anyway back to fishing, maybe next time I decide to write I’ll actually have done something with my time!


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