Another introduction of sorts

So I’ve been posting “in character” which is fun but I doubt I could keep it up consistantly forever.

I will keep doing logs for Vel as I play, but I’m also going to write out my own opinions and thoughts and whatnot on Mages, gnomes, and WoW in general as I level this toon up.

I used to play a lot more than I do now, so I’d say I’m a pretty casual player. I have a 70 druid and a 65 huntard that basically just collect dust now. The Mage class has restored much of my love of this game, and now that I can only play a fraction of what I used to, being a mage seems to be all I want.

In the past I’ve gotten as far as Curator in Kara (tanking with my druid) before a shift change at work put me out of almost every guilds raid times, plus I don’t want to devote every day to the game so here I am.

ANYWAY… I did end up doing a bit of Fire Festival stuff… I was reading the casual posts on WoW Insider and realized that I to could get something out of the whole thing despite being unwilling to put to much time into it. Now Vel is rocking out the Fire Festival robe that gives him flame hands while he dances. Very appropriate for my little ball of flamey wrath.

Also managed to ding 29 yesterday, and since level 30 mounts are just around the corner I’m going to be doing some BGs before I bother leveling again. Why run when you can chug around on a mechanical chicken? Exactly…

I think I’ll go and change the name of the blog, and see if I can’t make that header picture into an actual title pic type thing (I know nothing of graphics editting so it’s going to be ugly… like, dwarf ugly. (Sorry Dwarves)

A few goals I have for WoW and this blog:

Transfer to another server, probably an RP one (Earthen Ring mostly likely… it’s in the right time zone, and unfortunately I’m on a pve server now so that keeps me from going to the server I want (ravenholdt) and I’m unwilling to reroll yet again)

Ding 70 before Wrath comes out, because I’d really love to play through wrath with a Mage as my main. Druid was a blast for a long time but I don’t think it suits me, I’m not a hybrid player. I’ve accepted this.

Post fairly regularly. (that’d be nice… kinda the point)

And the final goal is to think up more goals. What? What do you want from me? It’s 9:30 in the morning on a Sunday. I just got back from a rather early bike ride and I’m set to go back to bed RIGHT NOW.

I mean it.

I’m going.

Goodnight … morning … afternoon (by the time i wake up…) … yeah ok see ya.


Vel’s log: It’s cuddly… kinda

Okay so the people of Darkshire live in endless fear of the undeath that plagues the forest. Seriously… there’s a whole bunch of them, just living it up in the middle of a nightmare. Even in the middle of the day there is no sunlight, and yet there they stay.

I personally would get a group together and head up the road into Elwyn Forest… but, that’s just me. Except it’s not me, I’d go in and burn the damn forest to the ground and start over, however others do not share my high opinion of this tactic.

Not much to report other than the fact that undead stink, like badly.

Oh and I have a new friend…

My new pet

Time for sleep. SO MUCH WALKING…

Vel’s log: While I’m in Stormwind…

Okay so I didn’t feel like wandering through a forest risking my life to kill something that’s already dead.. Maybe tomorrow.

I was going to fish near all the fire festival nonsense until some lovely young moron almost blasted me into the canal trying to juggle a few fire sticks.

I was going to fish off of one of the the bridges until a very nice Draenei and his fat Elekk rushed by, again nearly knocking me into the canal.

I was going to fish off of a dock near Old Town until two kids ran over, nearly knocking me into the canal (I sense a theme here…hmm) and chattering endlessly until I couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to jump into the canal myself and swim over to the fort in the middle of the city.

The guards ignored me completely, which was somewhat rude but they are constantly looking ahead and I am somewhat short so who knows, maybe they didn’t even see me. Looks pretty similar to the stockades in there, except for the fact that it’s completely sealed up and you can only get in and out by boat (if you intend to stay dry that is) I wonder what they’re keeping in there? None of my business I’m sure, but then again, I’m a Mage, I’m supposed to know things.

Anyway back to fishing, maybe next time I decide to write I’ll actually have done something with my time!

Vel’s log: Gotta start somewhere

So I say to myself, “Self, you should write about your adventures. Imagine the inspiration you could provide to future generations of Gnomes” (I am very humble, particularly when talking to myself, which of course I never do…)

A little introduction I suppose. I am Velance. I am proud to say I am a Gnome. I’m studying to be a Mage. Of course by studying I mean I skim over training manuals and then run out and throw fireballs at random woodland creatures while praying that I didn’t skim over some incredibly important “Don’t do this or you will blow yourself up” type information. Mostly it’s been working out for me. I spend most of my free time in Stormwind. I’m comforted by the Human’s military presence. I’ve overheard enough conversations in the halls of Stormwind Keep to know there’s more going on in the lands of the north, and this other world we have an open door to, than anyone realizes. I can only hope my own power can grow in time to be of some help. Human’s are, of course, quite rediculous. Right now you can’t take two steps without tripping over someone celebrating this “Fire festival”

Really? I spend every day throwing fire into this and that constantly.  Why not a “Big cold pond to swim in” festival, so I can cool off? Wow do I miss the Dwarf lands, those guys know how to live. Amazing soldiers and builders those Dwarves. Anyway I have to go decide which is more important, helping some lazy a… guy kill a bunch of crocolisks he can’t be bothered to go after himself, OR I go into the woods of Darkshire and cremate some Undead for the local militia… Did I mention the militia has silver to actually hire me with?

I will write as often as I can. These portals I can open lead somewhere, I’m sure of that. If you’re reading this, and you have the power to contact me, go right ahead.